Year 4’s e-Safety message – Be the change!

As part of our work for Safer Internet Day last week, the children in Year 4 reflected on the theme of the day – “Be the change”.

The children discussed how we can make changes to the internet to make it a better place for everybody. The children then used the Morfo app to create videos with some of their ideas. The video below contains some of their ideas and suggestions on how we can stay safe, and make the internet better in the future.

We hope that you enjoy it! Do you have your own ideas on how we can make the internet better for everyone? Let us know in the comments and we can all unite to provide a better internet!

One thought on “Year 4’s e-Safety message – Be the change!

  1. Sandford Hill

    I enjoyed watching your Morfo creations children and think they they each carried a very important message. Everyone can work together to make the internet an even better place. Thank you so much for your work and I’d encourage you all to share what you’ve learned with adults whom you live with.


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