EYFS Safer Internet Day

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For Safer Internet Day the children in Reception shared the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’. In the story Smartie gets a new laptop for his birthday but encounters lots of problems such as emails from strangers popping up. Does he try and fix it himself or does he tell an adult? We learnt the song that reminds us to always tell an adult before clicking anything.

The children have loved making their own laptops and we hope they will follow the SMART rules and Smartie’s song when using the internet at home.

5 thoughts on “EYFS Safer Internet Day

  1. Mr Hunt

    Some fantastic work children! A really important message for us all on Safer Internet Day – we should always tell an adult if something on the internet upsets us.

    Well done!

  2. Sandford Hill Post author

    What a lovely way to learn how to stay safe on the internet. In my house, we also have a rule that my children only go on the internet if they are in the same room as me.

  3. Nicki

    Oscar really enjoyed the day. He showed me his laptop and told me that if something popped up that he should ask me to look at it. He also enjoyed singing the song you all learned to us!

  4. H Twigg

    Every time Skyler goes on my Kindle now she sings “Before you click click click you need to think think think”
    A very good lesson to learn at a young age especially now children know their way around a smartphone better than the adults!


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