Year 5 Space Homework Projects

We’ve been absolutely amazed by the quality of our Y5 Space Homework projects. The children have shown great imagination and creativity to produce their projects and have also carried out some fabulous research. Many of them have put their writing skills to great use as they present their findings in a variety of information formats. As always, we’re especially grateful to our parents who have supported their children with the projects….they really are ‘out of this world’ Have a look for yourselves in the clip below:

4 thoughts on “Year 5 Space Homework Projects

  1. Mrs Martin

    Your homework projects look fantastic Year 5 – you should feel extremely proud of your hard work. They all look so varied too. It looks like you know lots of space facts in preparation for your visit to Jodrell Bank next week.

  2. Mrs Bullock

    Absolutely fantastic Year 5 – you have been really creative and have worked extremely hard to produce such wonderful homework projects. It has been a pleasure sharing these with everybody. Keep up the hard work.

  3. Daniel

    Lucy really enjoyed making her 3D solar system. Even I learned something. Some fantastic and varied homework is on display.


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