Young Chef Of The Year

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Well done to everyone who entered this competition. We’ve had some fantastic recipes this year making it so difficult to choose who to put through to the ‘cook-off’. We eventually managed to narrow it down to these 4 children: Gabriel, Alfie, Lucy and Felicity. Here they are in the school kitchen preparing their delicious food. The winner will be announced before the end of the week.

5 thoughts on “Young Chef Of The Year

  1. Mrs Cooper

    Well done all of you, I was lucky enough to taste your delicious dishes, I was very impressed. Your meal ideas were fantastic and you presented them perfectly. I will be seeking your recipes to try for myself.
    Watch out Jamie Oliver you’ve got serious competition.

  2. Sandford Hill Post author

    I thought that all of the children did a fabulous job and the food which they prepared was delicious….so much more tasty than my boring dinner-time sandwiches. Great job everyone!


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