Something smells good

On Wednesday evening, a lovely smell cake wafting through the school. The children in our cookery club were busy working hard, making their own pasta sauce. They’d even managed to grow lots of the ingredients themselves. Sadly, the blog doesn’t have it’s own ‘smellivision’, so you’ll just have to take our word for how tasty the sauce was and then feast your eyes on the photographs below. Great job cookery club

2 thoughts on “Something smells good

  1. Mrs Carney

    Thanks, Mr Walford. It’s a pity that there was none left for us teachers to try too! Next week, we’re making fajitas. Parents of all those involved are welcome to join us to eat from 4:10.

  2. Deb

    Lovely to see lots of budding little chefs at work! I have to say that the pasta sauce was delicious, as were the other things Mackenzie has brought home. Thanks for the recipes.


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